Why Choose MTCA?

MTCA gives our kids something excellent to strive for. They take it very seriously and the work they put into MTCA unites them as a team. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the work you put into the competition.” ~ Director, SCERA Youth Theatre – Acting Up! Orem, Utah

What is Musical Theatre Competitions of America?

MTCA is an Educational Musical Theater Festival filled with Performance Opportunities, Master Classes, and Competition.

Why Choose Musical Theatre Competitions of America?

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting the right experience for your students. MTCA has been offering the highest quality educational and performance experience for students in a premier theatrical venue for over 15 years.

Why Should My Group Attend MTCA?

MTCA provides an opportunity for students to experience the transformative power of Musical Theatre! Students experience a professional “Open Call” Broadway audition process, perform on stage in a professional theatrical venue, compete individually for professional adjudicators who offer constructive feedback, have the opportunity to watch and support other performers, attend exciting masterclasses, and make impactful connections with other Musical Theatre students from around the country.

What Makes MTCA different?

MTCA wrote the book on educational Musical Theatre Competitions with over 15 years of experience and excellence empowering performers across the country.

MTCA Adjudicators:

Our adjudicators are qualified theater professionals, college professors, industry professionals, & casting directors. Each performer and group receive an intensive and positive clinic directly after the presentation. This allows participants to grow and learn as performers in a supportive and meaningful way. Students preparing for upcoming show auditions, college, or professional auditions will come away with tangible feedback that will elevate their performances.

MTCA Groups Perform in a Theatrical Venue.

We are focused on giving students the opportunity to experience the magic of theatre. MTCA is held in Premiere theatrical venue, allowing performers the true experience of performing on stage.

MTCA is Educationally Based.

MTCA is an educationally-based theatre festival aligning with the National Core Arts curriculum and adjudicated by theatre professionals dedicated to educating performers and growing arts education.

Why is Competition Important?

It’s not just about a trophy! Every performer will leave the MTCA Stage with something more! They will leave with a sense of confidence that only comes with challenging oneself to reach for their highest potential.

MTCA is where students learn the power of preparation. Preparation, persistence, and resilience are traits that not only impact performance; they enhance every aspect of a student’s life. Understanding that success is directly related to preparation, MTCA offers students something positive to prepare for! In recreating the high-pressure stakes of a professional audition, performers leave with the tools they need to handle the stress and pressure they will encounter throughout their performing career and beyond.

What Do Groups Experience at MTCA?

Groups perform a 10-minute version of a Musical or a Musical Revue selecting one composer or lyricist for adjudication.

Individuals present and receive feedback in various categories.

ALL participate in workshops specifically designed for student performers.

Students also have the opportunity to watch outstanding performances by their peers.

Interact and form lifelong friendships with other students from around the country who share their love for Musical Theatre.

What Individual Categories does MTCA offer?

Solos, Duets, Monologues, Musical Theatre Dance, Make-up / Hair Design, Set Design, and Costume Design

If I'm Not Part of a Group, Can I Come to the Festival?

Yes! We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to Individual Students.

Is There Programming For My Technical Theater Students?

Yes, we offer Set, Make-up/Hair, and Costume Design

What About Rights/Licensing?

It is the Director’s responsibility to clear the performance or pay the appropriate royalty fee for the musical.  Neither, Musical Theatre Competitions of America or the leased facilities will accept legal responsibility for any violation of copyright by a school participating in MTCA.

When Do I Need to Register?

Registration is now open for MTCA2021 

How Do I Register?


Where Can I Find Out More?

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* talent/performance, locations, and dates subject to change.

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