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Musical RevueEach entry score is based on a maximum of 100 points.
The adjudicators will provide written comments about the performance and an onstage clinic. For groups and individuals that choose not to be ranked, we offer a “comments only and clinic only" option. The adjudication sheets will not reflect any numerical scoring.

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will be awarded in each category and sub-category.

To be eligible for Sweepstakes, schools and academies must enter a minimum of three (3) categories. One of the required categories must be either the Ensemble or Musical Revue.

For Sweepstakes scoring, MTCA will use a school or academy’s top three averaged scores. Each Sweepstakes score is based on a maximum of 300 points.

See Director's Guide for all scoring details and additional awards.

Example: ABC School entered the following and scored:

Ensemble – judges’ averaged score of 92
Musical Revue – judges’ averaged score of 89
One Solo – judges’ averaged score of 75
One Set Design – judge’s score of 93
The top three scores (92+89+93) would be added together for a total score of 274.


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