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Musical Theatre Competitions of America offers clinic opportunities throughout the weekend.


A Personalized Clinic follows each performance or technical presentation. The adjudicator (an experienced professional), offers constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

A Master Clinic, "Learning from the Pros," takes place during Saturday's competition by specialists in the musical theatre field. These professionals will focus on participant growth or practical methods for theatre students, followed by questions and answers.

Friday Soloist

Directors tell us:

We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the competition. My students will remember this experience forever!
MTCA was exactly what I was looking for. You can bet we’ll return next year.

Linda Kullmann, Director
Coronado Middle School
Coronado, CA


Thank you for everything you do! You’re amazing. The thought and work you put into making MTCA
the wonderful experience it is for the kids is overwhelming. The MTCA experience helps kids realize
that they are capable of much more than they thought they were–a wonderful life lesson! 
As a director, I see the change in our kids' self-esteem. By attending MTCA,
they realize that with a lot of work and dedication, goals are achievable.
Thank you for providing this opportunity to them!

Kathryn Laycock Little, Director
SCERA’s Acting Up!
Orem, UT

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